Meet 5JW. What a cool and friendly looking bunch!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Year 5 JW is now over!
Year 5JW are now 6LBa
and 5KON are now 6JW

Find out all about us in Year 6 at Kings' Dubai by checking out our new blog:

Mr Watson ( and Miss Bates )are running the new blog.
Check it out! ;-)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Mrs H's summer report

Hi everyone,
Here I am in sunny Scotland and was just thinking about you all. Hope you are all having a great Summer. We have had a great time here as the weather has been great. We have had a little rain today but don't mind it. We have been visiting lots of friends and family and were lucky enough to go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo to see lots of great bands. One band were from Switzerland and were all drums, Mr Watson would have loved them. Off to the largest indoor climbing area in the world tomorrow near Edinburgh so Yasmin can do some more climbing (this is our second trip)!

See you all soon, Mrs H

Friday, July 24, 2009

Mrs A says....

Hi all you NEW YEAR 6!!!! (Arggh it makes me feel old!!!)
It looks as if you're having fab holidays - most of which seem to feature rain! I'm just back from the UK where I stayed with my brother and his family. I went to my nephew's sports day and spent a LOT of time watching him play football-(Just up the road from Ipswich Mr W!!!) and helped my niece with her Grade 2 viola exam - You're next Rose watch out for those scales!!! I was lucky enough to perform in a concert with my colleagues from my old school to raise money for Dystonia which one of them has sadly contracted. It was great to see all those wonderful musicians and play together again. Back in good old Dubai now but heading off to Phuket next week, soooo excited about going snorkelling and kayaking -will let you know how it goes!!
Anyway back to the annual spring clean - it happens every summer!!!!
Lots of Love to you All
Mrs A xxx

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Rose's summer update

hi everybody since the last update it was pouring down!

but now its only 30 degrees and its kind of hot!
I 'm missing everybody in dubai but I cant wait until i'm in Guernsey on the beach in the freezing water but anyway im soooooo

Last night i had a 2 hour phone call with my best friend in Guernsey called honor and she misses me as much as i miss her!

(which is alot)

We are in Guernsey on the 10th of July so next friday and we get in at 4:45 pm and then we are going to stop of at the FISH AND CHIP SHOP and then we are going to the beach with all our siut cases and we are going to have a few hours at my old school beach bbq!

how cool is that! (very)
Cant wait to see everybody in dubai again!

Rose xxx

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Well that is it.... the end of 5JW 2008-09!

A superb year - packed full of hard work and lots of fun. Well done for making this a brilliant blog! We've all enjoyed using it.

Our class blog will still be in use so you can access it to show your friends and family, or even post or comment.

Please use email address for any posts you want to make. I won't have access to my Kings' email address whilst in the UK.

Have a great Holdiay everyone. See you in September!
Mr Watson

Monday, June 29, 2009

My memories of 5JW

I have loved year 5JW. It has been a pleasure having you you wonderful people in my class. It's been a great year from my point of view, and one I will look back on over the summer, and in years to come, with pride and happiness. Thank you for all of your hard work, enthusiasm, effort and humour! ;-)

There are so many things I could talk about - we have done so much. I feel the year has gone so fast in so many ways, although it seems ages since Louis left for Doha!

Some particular days or events that stand out for me (in no particular order) include:
  • International Day

  • Desert Day

  • Christmas concert outside

  • Class assembly rehearsals and rained off performace

  • The re-arranged class assembly - you guys were brilliant!

  • Saying goodbye to Louis, Tom and Kirsten - we miss you and hope all is well with you!

  • Baking bread

  • KALBA! - the best school trip I've ever been on!

  • Summer show - Desert Dwellers!!

  • Anti-Smoking debate

  • sharing our Myths

  • Bauhaus art trip

  • water news reports

  • Paul Klee painting and our LUSH work on display in DUCTAC

  • making musical instruments

  • etc etc etc

However, for me, the best bit is the overal atmosphere we have shared in class. Getting to know each and everyone of you individually has been my highlight. You guys are great!

I am so pleased to be next door to you guys next year and look forward to our residential trip, summer show and all the other exciting things we'll get up to.

Working with Mrs Hislop all year has also been a great pleasure and privilege - she is a true star and was a major part of our class throughout the year.

I have loved 5JW. Thanks again for all of your efforts.

Have a great summer holiday whereever you are. Be Safe and Enjoy!

Mr Watson

Mr Watson is King of the Week

Much to his surprise and embarassment.... The parents and children of 5JW organised for Mr Watson to be King of the Week.

Everyone in 5 JW said lots of lovely things about him. They think that…

“you are a great monkey master and are good at bad jokes and the best teacher I have ever had” – EB

“you are always fair” – ZD

“you are funny and kind” – AW

“you are the best teacher in the entire world” – LS

“you are a brilliant drummer” - MS

“there is never a dull lesson with you and you are the best teacher I have ever had” - BE

“you are very funny, easy to talk to, very enthusiastic and a very interesting teacher” - LB

“you are a fantastic and fun teacher” - AO

“you have been the greatest teacher I have ever had” - PO

“you have a very infectious smile and laugh” - KF

“you are a great teacher” - CB

“you are always enthusiastic about everything and always have a positive attitude” – AB

“you are the best teacher I have ever had” - KH

“you sure are good at bumping into things” - RH

“you work so hard to make sure we have tremendous fun – you are the best teacher I have ever had” - CG

“you treat us differently to other teachers and you are social and lots of fun” - DL

“you are the best teacher in the world, funny and great fun” – LF

“you are the best at dressing up as a lady, the greatest funky monkey master and very funny at being accidentally clumsy” – JD

“you are kind, gentle, funny, have a great smile and a lush and sure accent” - AS

Well done for being such a fantastic teacher!

Adam's Nanna says....

Hello Mr Watson and 5JW

I am Adam Osborne's Nanna, and I live in England. I have spent the last year reading your blog, and keeping up with everything that you have all been doing.

I came over to Dubai in March to visit Adam and his family, (His Mum is my Daughter) It was also Adam's Birthday, so there where lot's of things going on.

I thought Book Day was amazing, everybody went to so much effort for Narnia. Adam was The Wardrobe, and Mr Watson The Snow Queen !!!!
Then there was The Swimming Gala, Well what can I say, you are all amazing swimmers, (I wish I could swim)

I cannot beleive all the things that you have done this year, But for me one of the highlight's was reading about how much you all enjoyed your visit to Kalba, I know Adam did and cannot wait to go back again. Adam sent me a long e-mail, telling me all about it, from the minute you left King's until you all arrived back again, It sounds like you all had a fantastic time.

I would just like to finsih with a Big Thank You to Mr Watson for being such a Great Teacher, I know you have all really enjoyed being in his class and will miss him.
I hope you all have a fantastic summer holiday, Adam is coming home for a few weeks and I cannot wait to see him, and his Brother Ben.

Thank you once again Mr Watson.
Kind Regards to you all Barbara Jones

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rose's summer report no1

Hi 5JW!
I'm in England now! It's grey, and raining a little bit, but it's about 20 degrees. We got off the plane and had to go on a few trains from Gatwick airport to Birmingham NEC, once we got to Birmingham, we got into a taxi and it POURED down!
Yesterday we went into town and there was a really cool sweet shop! It had jars full of different sweets! My sister was REALLY pleased that she found VIMTO BON BONS!! :D
I got candy sticks, and my cousin got strawberry liquorice!
Can't wait to see you all in Year 6!
Byebye for now, Rose xx

Kirsten says Hello!

Hi Mr Watson and 5JW,

I have settled into my new school called Umhlanga College although I miss you all so much. Hopefully I will be able to visit in the near future. I often look at the blog and see what you have all been doing. It is so sad that Year 5 is coming to an end. Mr Watson you are the best teacher I have ever had.
I wish you all a lovely summer holiday and all the best for Year 6.

Lots of Love

Thursday, June 25, 2009



Don't forget your swim kit too!

Mr W


A very warm welcome to Serena - our new class mate!

Serena has joined at a busy time of term but gets a chance to meet everyone and find a out a little about Kings' before she has a full year with us in Year 6. She has been kind, polite and enthusiastic in her first week in 5JW and I'm sure she will be a great asses to the class.

Welcome Serena! A great start!

Photo to follow!!!

End of Year Awards - in class awards in 5JW


Mr Watson and Mrs Hislop have loved working with all of the class this year and we had a chat about how to celebrate some of the achievements of the year, as the term comes to an end. So we decided to have our very own in class awards ceremony!

And the winners were.......

ALL OF 5JW! - an amazing bunch of talented and enthusiastic people. A superb class!

CONGRATULATIONS to Becky and Adam. They were awarded with the STAR of YEAR for 5JW - they have both worked so hard throughout the whole year and have simply been fantastic! Well done indeed.

Every member of the class recieved an award for something special that they have contributed to the class.

Lucy's 5Jw memories

Lucy’s 5JW memories

Year 5 has been the best school year ever!

Kalba was really fun! The most enjoyable activity for me was the wadi walk. I liked it because I saw wadi creatures, got to slide down rocks and got wet up to my chest! I found some of the activities challenging like the abseiling. It was really lovely to be there for Lauren’s birthday, I think she enjoyed her birthday too. At night we stayed up eating sweets and Jemima made a fuss that she didn’t like yellow sweets. It was a great trip.

My favourite topic was seed dispersal and life cycles. The DVDs were interesting and engaging. I learned a lot more about nature. The best thing about it was our class assembly. Our assembly was so much fun! I thought it was really funny and so did the rest of the school. I could tell this by how much they laughed. I think this it was the best assembly.

The best D.T. topic was making bread. At first I thought I was going to mess it all up, but then I gained confidence and Jemima and I made delicious cinnamon bread! Yummy!

This year, year 5, has been really fun! I have made lots of friends, but my best friends are the Funky Monkeys, that include Becky, Jemima, Eloise, Lauren and Ashleigh. Mr Watson is the best teacher and monkey master EVER!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Miss Bates says

Hi Class 6LB (to be!),

Thank-you so much for your email to me, it made me feel very excited and I cannot wait to meet you all! I know that you are breaking up for your summer holidays soon and I am very jealous because we don't finish for another 5 weeks.

I loved the way you described yourselves and so I've had a bit of a think and come up with a few words that describe me:
-incredibly strict,
-very bossy,

...just kidding!

Actually, although I can be strict if I need to be, generally I like to think that I am kind and fair and I like to have fun and enjoy being at school (as I'm sure you all do to!).

I love sport, especially netball and athletics, and I really enjoy teaching history. I have never been to Dubai before but don't worry, I will definitely be packing my suncream!

My older sister taught in Dubai for two years and she loved it, so I am sure I will too. I hope you will all be able to teach me a bit in the first few weeks and help me get used to living in a new country as although it will be exciting, it will be a little bit scary too!

The class I am teaching at the moment are year 5 and they are hoping you will be their pen-pals when they are year 6. In fact they are all writing letters to you at the moment, ready for me to bring to Dubai at the end of the summer. I look forward to meeting you all in September and I hope you have a fantastic summer.

From Miss Bates

Kristi's injury report

Hey everybody!

Yesterday (Tuesday) I had a nasty accident at school. At lunch break my foot started to really hurt, it hurt so much that I was barely able to walk so I had to limp to Nurse Cathy’s room. She told me to take my shoes and socks off. I took them off and my right foot had a huge lump on the side and it was all swollen. So Nurse Cathy phoned my mum to come and pick me up. She also said that it would be a good idea to go and get an X-ray just in case it was serious. Nurse Cathy gave me a crutch to give me support when I was walking on my good leg.

So my mum drove me to Emirates Hospital to have an X-ray done. It took a while before we were seen but that didn’t really matter. First we saw the paediatrician (the child’s doctor) and he asked me a few questions about how I was feeling and how I did it. To be quite honest I really can’t remember doing it. Well anyway we waited another couple of minutes while the nurses got ready for me to have my X-ray.

Once I was finished they sent the doctor in to have a look at it. He came back and told me that I had a hairline fracture (which is a tiny crack in a bone). The crack was in the bone just underneath my little toe. So the nurse that was a friend of Nurse Cathy wrapped my foot up in bandages and put a hard back slab on the bottom of my foot. If it doesn’t heal by itself in a week then I will have to wear a plaster cast for 4-6 weeks!

So right now I have my right foot wrapped in bandages and I am using crutches, great way to end my last full week at school.

From Kristi


Well well well, I leave you with Mr Wood for one day and he has you doing all sorts of exciting things! Well done!

Check out all of 5JW's PODCASTS with Mr Wood on the Kings' ICT blog link below:

Fantatsic work guys!
Thank you Mr Wood.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Luke's review of year 5


I have had an amazing time in Year 5JW !
Mr Watson is a great teacher and has made Year 5 a really fun year !

M highlights are :

KALBA - It was really, really fun ! It was exciting to sleep in a tent in the middle of the desert. I had a great time with the boys in my tent and the food was better than I thought it would be. The instructors were really exciting too ! The things I enjoyed most was going sandboarding, kayaking, canoeing and rockclimbing.

BREAD MAKING - Was extremely fun because we were put into pairs to make a loaf of bread. When our bread was baked Mr Watson laid all the loafs of bread on the table. Adam and I made a plain loaf because we wanted to make it a perfect one, instead of a cheese one or any other type of bread. My favourite part of bread making was the kneading.

MAKING OUR INSTRUMENTS - It was absolutely amazing!!! I loved making our instrument! I made a rain shaker and I think it sounds great. It is also quite loud so you can hear it very well. My instrument was dead simple - you just have to get a tube, put chicken wire inside the tube and seal one end. Then you put the rice in and seal the other end. Finally you can paint it.

I have had the best year in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr Watson is the most amazing and fun teacher.
He is the best teacher In the WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paul's memories

My Favorite Memories – Paul Orford

Mr Watson has been a great teacher and I have enjoyed getting to know him and all his funny habits. I shall really miss having him as my teacher next year.

This year we went on lots of outings, more than any other year and I really liked that. I enjoyed our trips to the art galleries and the museum, I learnt lots of new and exciting things. The best was the Desert Assembely, I actually rode on a camel with Mr Watson!! It was really fun. We did lots of different activities and I had a great day.

On our trip to Kalba I did lots of things I never thought I would ever do, rock climbing, kayaking, survival and lots of other things. I really enjoyed the food and sleeping in tents. I had the best time and can’t wait for our next trip.

I enjoyed:-

Bread Making
Making my instrument in DT
Class asembely
End of year concert

I have had a good year in 5JW and I will miss Mr Watson and Mrs Hislop.

Monday, June 22, 2009

End of Year Awards - awards for Year 5

More winners from our end of year assembly. Congratulations to:

Oisin (5KON) won ther CMA musical award for his efforts and progress with his Clarinet lessons.

Hannah(5KON) won the overall Kings' sports award for her all round sporting achievments and attitude.

End of Year Awards - 100 % attendance for Year 5

As part of our end of year awards several member of year 5 got 100% attendance certificates - they did not miss a day of the entire school year! Superb effort - Well done alec, Lucy, Adam O, Adam B, Corynn and James M.

End of Year Awards - Year 5 Spirit of Kings' 08-09

Year 5 Spirit of Kings' award:

Rose (5JW)

Rose is enthusiastic and energetic and always gives 100%. She has settled into life at Kings' extraordinarily well. She gets on well with others - everyone in both year 5 classes. She is confident and humourous but balances with this with a mature and hardworking attitude. Rose takes a full and active role in all aspects of school - music, sprots teams, summer show, as well as a brilliant attitude in class. She is a role model to all in the school.

Very well done Rose!

Adopt a monster?!!?

Check out this cool monster link!

On the top right corner it says adopt, click it and monster on!!


What animal are you?

Hey guys, what type of animal are you today, check it out on this adress:


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kristi looks back at her year in 5JW

I have some lovely and wonderful memories of 5JW, far too many! I would love to share some of the fantastic times I have had in 5JW! Here are a few:

Kalba was our amazing 2 night 3 day trip. I had the best time of my life especially splashing Mr Watson when we went canoeing and Kayaking. I wasn’t very fond of our tent as it leaked and the worst part was that I was right next to the tent wall. All the condensation in the air every desert night made the tent feel we were sleeping in a rain storm. The activities that we did were the best! All the instructors ROCKED! I especially liked Chippie (Lauren the one that took us on the Wadi Walk)! My favourite activities were the Wadi Walk, Canoeing, Kayaking and the Talent Show. I loved the Talent Show most because Kirsten and I sang a horses song and I sang a solo by take that.

Mr Watson
Mr Watson has been the best teacher I have ever had! He is also the craziest I have ever had as well. I have had so much fun being in a class like this! I really am going to miss Mr Watson and our classroom!

Mrs Hislop
Mrs Hislop is the best T.A in the entire universe! And the best highlights of her are fun friendly and being Scottish! She is also so much fun and really pleasurable to read with!

International Day
I loved international day! I loved all the activities we did and I also liked dressing up in Brazilian football kits! I had so much fun! My favourite classroom to do the activities was Mr O’Brian’s because he was the U.S.A. I liked doing the letter quiz he gave us and making America at night! I think Brazil (our classroom) could have the prize for the most decorated as we had flags and banners and words in Portuguese everywhere! Rose and I translated the words on the laptops from English to Portuguese, printed them out and helped the class stick them up everywhere even places nobody could see them with was a bit silly! I think Super Jim (Mr Watson’s teddy) enjoyed being in a classroom where football was appreciated more that usual.

The Solar System
My favourite theme was doing the Solar System because I take a great interest in space and planets although I don’t really want to be an astronaut. My favourite Planet would be Venus as it is the most interesting and full of exciting things to here about. Jupiter is my second favourite planet as it is the biggest, the most beautiful foreign planet and it is the first gas giant coming away from the Sun. One night I came home from school and I said at least 10 facts about each planet in 30 minutes to my Dad! My Dad was very impressed and asked me ‘How did you learn that much in one day!’.

I have enjoyed 5JW loads and I am really going to miss Mr Watson and Mrs Hislop.

Claire's view of Year 5


One of my favourite memories from5JW was Kalba. Kalba was a lot of fun because there was so many things to do there was only one thing that worried me at Kalba, it was the abseiling it scared me because it felt like the rope was going to let go. Day 2 was the best survival was awesome the people going for fish caught minute fish so they put it back. It was lots of fun going on a wadi walk on the way back I saw one of my favourite animals a frog his name was Kermit. There was a part of the walk when we had to go down this steep slope and we had to go down it when I went down I ended up sliding down and hurting myself.

These were my favourite activities:

wadi walk

rock climbing




sand boarding

My favourite theme this year was space. I learned a lot of information and I thought the topic was out of this world. If you were driving to the moon in a car , you might need 25,000 litres to get there and another 25,000 to get back! That’s a fact I got from my gobsmacking galaxy book.
DT day was a lot of fun I thought Angela’s guitar was very impressive, Eloise’s one was great too. My one was a drum kit the thing I could have defiantly improved was how to put it together.

I really enjoyed this year but it seemed so short, but you know what they say time flies when you’re having fun.


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ashleigh's review of the year

My memories of 5JW

My memories of 5jw:

My favourite thing that happened in year 5 was making bread, my partner was Rose and it was so much fun!

There are a few things that I will remember…
· Our funny registers
· Mr Watson saying : “SURE”
· Mrs Hislop & Mr Watson
· A nail going through my nail
· School beach DISCO!!
· Our class assembly…

photos to follow

Rose reflects on year 5JW

I have really enjoyed being in Yr 5JW and having such a great teacher Mr Watson and a great TA Mrs Hislop. I have made lots of amusing and friendly people who have included me in everything they do!

One of my favourite times in Yr 5 was going to Kalba,Hatta and Al Awiar because there wasloads of funny and friendly instructors. One of my other reasons I liked going away was I could get away from my annoying sister Lily and my mum and dad because they wouldn't tell me to tidymy room or make my bed!!! (huraay)

I have loved annoying Mr Watson by:
singing songs (eg; Teletubies,ring around the roses,sound is something thats vibrating and the Water Cycle song!)
Using funny voices
Pulling funny faces!

I'm really going to miss Mr Watson and Mrs Hislop!Even though Mr Watson is going to be next door I will still miss him not being our teacher!!! lol

If I could do Yr 5 all over again I would do it the exact same way because I have enjoyed every minute of it sooooo much!I think its been a spectacular year in yr 5 !!!

Rose xx :O)

Becky's 5JW highlights

5jw has been great overall! There's not really one thing I have loved the most but here are some highlights of 5jw:

I have really enjoyed having Mr Watson as our teacher and Mrs Hislop as our T.A.
I have really great friends and loved being a funky monkey.
I loved Kalba and capzizing Mr Watson!
I really enjoyed the Assembly and eventually I was in it!
International and everyone in the same costume made us look really good.
Bookday(Mr Watson dressing up as a girl, again!)

and just all the random and funny moments we've had in the class!

We've been really lucky to have Mr Watson as our class teacher and being in the next door class to him next year because I think he is the best teacher I've had in my whole life!(and Mrs H being the best T.A!)

I'm really looking forward to year 6 but there's still some downs to it like Jemima leaving and not being in Mr watsons class anymore but we will still see lots of him and I'm sure Miss Bates will be really nice too!

So those are my memories of 5jw.


Jemimas Memories

Year 5JW has been my favourite year in my whole stay in Kings. I will miss 5JW very much when I leave this summer to go back to England.

The class is always smiling (just like Mr Watson is always clumsy !!!).

Things I have enjoyed the most are:

Kalba - It was such a lot of fun.
I also loved making bread. Making instruments was really fun too.
I really enjoyed mocking Mr Watsons accent with the class
I also liked doing stuff (!!!) with the Funky Monkeys.

Things/people I will miss :
Mr Watson
Mrs Hislop
The classroom
The class
The Funky Monkeys
The Teddies!
Mr Watson clumsiness.

I really don't want to leave 5JW - It has been brilliant and I will everyone when I leave.

Jemima =0)

Matthews' memories

My best memories of 5jw are :

· going to Kalba,I loved it. My favourite bites were the wadi walk, abseiling, survival and just being with my friends.

· I also really enjoyed making my musical instrument in D.T. At the beginning it was hard work cutting the wood but soon you got used to it.

· Another one of my memories is doing our class production about seed dispersal and the life cycles

I really enjoyed 5JW and I will miss everyone in the class a lot.

Mrs H shares her knowledge


04:05:06 07-08-09

THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN UNTIL THE YEAR 3009!!!(I had a deep feeling that you just needed to know this) ;-)

Adam looks back at year 5

My 5JW Memories

My favourite memories of were Bread Making, Kalba, and and making Musical Instruments.

Bread Making
Bread making was definitely one of my memories of 5JW. We all had to partner up with somebody so I partnered up with Luke. We made a country loaf and it tasted suprisingily really nice. My favourite part of bread making was kneading the dough.

Out of all the things we have done this year, our Kalba residential trip was the best by a mile. My favourite activities were the canoeing and kayaking althouh me, Mr O'neil, Oisin and Matthew Baxter were the worst in the Stuarts at canoeing. I also really enjoyed the rock climbing.

My Musical Instrument
Making our instruments was so fun. I made a double ended drum which hung to my neck with a piece of cotton wool. It sounds fantastic. I would give my drum a 9/10. Ways I would make it better would be to cover up the Ductape sticking down the cotton wool with card.

Over all, 5JW was GREAT.

Kian's highlights of the year

These are the things that I really enjoyed this year


Bread making

Instrument making

My favourtite thing was Kalba because we got to do loads of cool activaties such as zip wire,wadi walk and climbing.Another thing was getting a way from my anoying brother Max!!!!!!!!!!

I cant wait to go to year 6 because Mr Watson is one of our teachers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sami says...

5 Jw


I really enjoyed year 5JW and this is why.

Year 5

To start with, the best things about year 5 are having such a nice teacher Mr. Watson, and going to Kalba=],
Kalba was so fun the food was excellent the people were so kind and generous, and the sports were fun. Mr. Watson is so kind and if you need help, he will give it to you. He does a lot fun things in class such as brain training and circle time.

I have really enjoyed year 5

Friday, June 19, 2009

5JW - Alec's memories

Year 5 has been great and I loved every minute of it, though if I had to single out a few days I would have to say that I loved going to the Bauhaus art exhibition in the D.I.F.C and seeing work by famous artists like Paul Klee, as well as going to see the holy lands and pictures of Dubai and Saudi Arabia in the early days taken by famous photographers at the time on a pilgrimage.

Another thing I liked this year was bread making planning and doing not to mention eating it! Speaking of D.T something else I thought was great fun was instrument making though I found out it takes a great deal of patience and an idea of why isn't it working or it won't work, at all.

Including all that I also thought Danny Lawrence [the famous Olympian] was amazing doing forward rolls on a continuous loop and jumping over Mrs Watson and six children and no hand back flipping.

Adrian Hayes was great to telling us what you eat climbing Mount Everest and when you sleep trekking to the poles how you train before going.

Overall I really loved being part of 5jw and are glad we had such a fab year packed with loads of fun thanks for a great year. Alec!

Eloise's memories of Year5JW

My memories of year 5JW

This year has been my best year yet!
Things I will always remember are:

  • Mr Watson Forgetting his glasses

  • Jemimas random, but funny words (my picnic)

  • Our hilarious registers in the morning

  • clumsy Mr Watson stories

  • Monkey master and monkey mistress

  • Our blog

Activties I will remember:

  • Bread Making

  • Kalba

  • P.E Dance

  • Swim Gala

Things I will miss are:

  • Jemima

  • Mrs H

  • Mr Watson

  • The teddies

Things I look forward to are:

  • Miss Bates

  • House captin and head girl

  • Main leads in plays/concerts

  • Mrs Kenny

I have enjoyed everything that has
happened in year 5. Im going to miss
people and things In yr 6. I hope I have an
ejoyable holiday and look forward to yr 6.

Eloise =o)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lauren's 5jw memories

These are the 5JW's class memories:

Year 5 has been AWESOME, It was the best year yet!!!
I wish I could do it all over again!
I feel that been doing better at Maths and my English especially with my description.
I also feel that i need to work on my adverbs, my Maths and my Swimming.

My favourite things were Kalba, making our instruments (even though it didn't work out the way I wanted to!), my after shool club (netball) and just being in year 5!

I'm really going to miss Mr Watson when we are in year 6 despite he will be right next door to us!

Thank you for giving me more confidence with my work and making this year lively special and GREAT!

Lauren x x x

Mrs H says

Well Guys, what a great year it has been in Year 5.

I have been trying to think what my favourite thing has been all year and it's hard to pick as it's all been fab! Kalba has to have a mention as it was fantastic, I was really proud to be with you all on the trip. I still can't believe you were all in bed so early!!!

Your assembly comes to mind as well and School in the Desert Day - oh I could go on and on......... You all welcomed Rose to the class at the beginning of the year and after a few weeks we all forgot Rose was new she fitted in so well, then along came Zac and it feels like he has been with us forever. It was sad to see Kirsten and Tom leave but they will keep in touch which is great.

I have loved coming in to school every day, you have all been enthusiastic and worked hard all year. I might have to pop over to Year 6 to visit in September. I think most of all I will miss E.R.I.C. in MY OFFICE!

Keep up your great attitude in Year 6. Mrs H

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More Links from Kristi

Lots of water links so check out

from Kristi

Lucy's link

check out this cool link!!

Eloise's song link

Heres a song:


More from Rose

Hey I have another song to put on the blog guys check it out!!!

Rose xx

Lauren's water link

Hi mr watson!

I have found a water links for the blog!:

Rose's rap

Hi everybody this is a rap on water!

check it outt


its funny!!!!

Rose x

Sami's link

Hi Mr W and 5JW this is na song that i looked up

it is

it is good


Sami Barqawi

Water Link from Lucy

Check out this (extremely long) link:

Lauren and Lucy Live for 5JW news


Claire live for 5JW news


Becky's Weather Report


Zac's 5JW highlights

5JW Memories by Zac

One of my favorite memories is when we went to Kalba. I had so much fun doing the zipwire, abseiling, survival and much more. Myfavorite activity was the zipwire and the abseiling.

Instrument Making
In class we got to make an instrument that I thought was lots of fun. I made a guitar Out of a plank of wood nails and string. I thought itwould be easy but trust me its not.

One thing I remember a lot is when I joined 5jw it was scary, veryscary. I was not that happy about leaving my old school because Ithought it was a great school but my mum didn’t. But I made newfriends at kings.


Matthew is on countdown!

The count down until the 2010 world cup starts here!
with hundreds of teams battling it out only 31 teams will reach the world cup in South Africa in 2010.

Brazil are top of there group in the south America category with 7 wins 6 draws and a lose.
New Zeland are top of there group in the Oceania category with 5 wins and a loss.
Meanwhile Costa Rica are top of there group in the north America category with 4 wins and a loss.

Denmark,Greece,Slovakia,Germany,Spain,England,Serbia,Italy and Holland are all on top of there groups in the Europe category.
Australia and Korea republic are both top of there groups in the Asia category.
And finally Gabon,Tunisia,Algebra,Ghana and Ivory cost are all top of there groups in the African category.

Cant wait until the world cup!!!!
come on England!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

King Of The Week ( Term 3, Week 9) is Mrs Hislop

5JW and Mr Watson are so lucky! We have "The best 'Teaching Assistant in the World!"

To show our appreciation of all of her hardwork and skill we made her King of the Week.

Mrs Hislop is a true star - she works tiredlessly supporting our class and Mr Watson. We all so many lovely things to say about her:

We think Mrs Hislop:

  • is hardworking
  • is tidy
  • always helps people
  • is really helpful
  • chooses good books for us to read
  • is great at creating displays of our work
  • is very organsied
  • is always thoughtful
  • is always jolly throughout school
  • is always smiling
  • is always kind
  • is always polite
  • is a great person to be around
  • always helps
  • is a great reader
  • has a nice attitude
  • has a nice accent
  • is always there for people
  • is the BEST TA
  • is exciting
  • is nice to talk to
  • is always cheerful
  • always cheers people up
  • is the best TA in the world
  • is reliable
  • in consistent
  • is great fun to be with
  • is like Mr Watson's right hand!

Mrs Hislop is a star and a superb member of 5JW!

The Summer show

5 JW are the dwellers of the desert!

Show time today and tomorrow.
We have been rehearsing hard and all all ready to put on a great performance.
5KON as the big bad baddies!

Summer plans by Rose

In the summer holidays I am going back to England (Tamworth) for 2 weeeks and we
are planning to go to Long Leet which is a safari Park!

and Bath which is all about the romans!

And then for the next 6 weeks I am going back to Guernsey (yes that is were I come from Not FRANCE!)
My dad is comeing over to Guernsey at the end of July and he said that dont go to any good resturants till
you get there and we were like ....NO!

we are gonna go to
tarsh Mahal (its really nice indian food)
Le Petit Bistro (the small resturant that sells the best steak and chocolate mouse)
The open air cafe(pest jacket potato you will ever have!)
Fish and chips from COBO BAY(uhh they are to die for wrapped up in news paper salty and loads of vinigar)
I cant wait till the summer come fast!!!!

Rose xx :P :) :D ;D

Rose the Reporter!

Hello everybody My dad has now put the clip of me on You tube and this is what
it is!

Check it out:

(please dont laugh!!!!!)

Rose xxx :P :) :D ;D

Rose's weekend news

On thursday the 11th of June I came home from school and went to the pool with my
friend maggie and then I went to have some lunch down on the Walk.After that I slept at maggie's apartment
and we ate tun and tuns of sweets and chocolate (of course)

On Friday the 12th I did my Swimarathon for half an hour and did 50 lenghts! (i could of done more!)
And then I went to the Indian palace and had a chicken bulti but the bad thing was Me and my dad had it so
My dad ordered an extra spicy and was given it by the waitress who had taken the order and my mouth
was on FIRE!!!!!!!!

(so i drank lots of water!)


On saturday I just relaxed and went to the pool.
Over all I had a good weekend

Rose xxx :P :) :D ;D

Rose's links

Hi everyone check these songs out they are awesome!!!!!!



Angela's 5JW memories

My name is Angela
and I have enjoyed lots of things in 5jw.
The one thing i won't forget will be is me acually being in this
I've mostly enjoyed the Paul Klee painting, the Kalba trip, term 2's book week
and the p.e dancing.
I'm just sad that we won't have Mr Watson as our year 6 teacher........
But i LOVED and i mean LOVED 5JW.
Mr Watson and mrs Hislop are number ......... !ONE!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Rose's homework

Hi everybody I have put my homework on youtube and it is called London News look for a pick of me on a screen and click on it!!!!!!!!great flood run for your lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:P :) ;DRose haysom reporting London NewsLOL be prepared!!!!!!!!!

Angela's new blog

Hey guys!

I have a new blog called:

talk on it, type on it, read on on it and have fun with it!


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Homework task - The Flood!

We have talked about this in class.

Use these for stimulus ideas for your homework:

Watch this for ideas of how to write a report:

TASK: Plan and write a short news report for a flood. (minimum of 30seconds) for 5JW news.

Remember the things we talked about in class:

  • use date & time
  • use powerful description
  • use interviews?
  • use appropriate language for your report - floods are serious!
  • include facts and numbers
  • human factors and emotions
  • make is short snappy and engaging
  • you CAN MAKE IT UP!

Extension - practise reading your report. Alternatively you can record it or video it!

Rose's naughty plan! ;-)

Hello everybody check this out !!!!

Its reallly cool and you can also learn all the words so we can annoy

Mr Watson!!!


Learn this words as fast as possible!!!!


More Water Cycle links found by Kristi

Check these water cycle links out:

Hope you enjoy them!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Water Pineapple Song

Could your teacher be even more embarassing than this Mr Pineapple man????
check it out:

How embarassing????

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Freya says Hi

Hi Mr Watson and 5JW,
Just wanted to say hello and I hope that u all had great holidays!
Cause I know I did despite missing everyone.

Keep filling me in on any details.
Email back soon.
Miss u


Ps Your blog looks great!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Emily says....

Hi Mr Watson and Everyone in 5JW!

I hope you are all well, The weather over here in England is very cold and wet, How is the weather over there?

I have been doing my C.A.T Tests this week and last week which I found some questions quite challenging. But I got through them in the end thankfully!!!

I really miss you all and I hope to see you all soon,

From Emily x

Mrs Greaves says....

Hello 5JW

I just wanted to say what a great success the blog spot is. I have been thinking how lucky you all are - blog spots, email and the internet were not around when I was at school. It’s so nice that Tom can keep in touch with you all too, and your families, most of whom probably live abroad, can keep up to date with what you’re doing. Christopher’s grandparents often take a look and are always so impressed. I like your artwork Mr Watson, I’m sure your pictures will be pleasing to all your house guests!

Keep up the good work 5JW and I look forward to what’s happening next in 5JW.

Isabelle Greaves

Kirra's blog

Kirra (formerly in year 6) has moved back to Australia, and sent me a mail with her new blog address. Check it out:

Hi Mr Watson u wanted my blog and it is

Sunday, June 7, 2009

King Of The Week ( Term 3, Week 8) is LUCY (finally!)

and this week's King of the Week...... is........

Congratulations to Lucy (who has been so very patient!) who is our final classmate to be 'King of the Week' in 5JW.

We've already said lots of lovely things in class about her. Don;t forget you add more nice comments here too.

We think Lucy:

  • is always smiley
  • is thoughtful
  • is helpful
  • always has a good attidude
  • has a good sense of humour
  • represents the class well on school council
  • is organised
  • is always smiling
  • is a good mathematician
  • always gives 100%
  • is a nice person
  • is smart
  • is consistent
  • is determined
  • is good fun to be around
  • is a great member of the class
  • tries hard in everything
  • is polite
  • is motivated
  • is enthusiastic
  • is a good friend
  • is funny
  • is a good team player

Congratulations Lucy - a wonderful person and super member of 5JW

French pen friends update

Please use the followung email address for all French pen-friends:


Water cycle - Kristi's link

Here is a water cycle video I found:

Kristi's links

Five Little Monkeys video!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


Check out this song from youtube!

Its really cool!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kristi & Kirsten's new blog

Hi! Kirsten and I have a blog but nobody is going onto it so here is the address:

Hope you enjoy!


The Year 5 Dance off!

"The Black Devils"

Today was the year 5 Dance off - You have all been working hard with Miss Frame to plan, choreograph and then perform your 'Eye of the Tiger ' Dance.
Today was the day to show your dance to the rest of the year 5 team!

I enjoyed watching you perform.

Thanks you Miss Frame for all of your hard work and enthusiasm!
(Nice moves from you too! ;-) )
"The Blue Tigers"
"The Fire Jewels"

"The Blue Dragons"

Lucy's fire update

I found a video clip on Gulf news of the fire next to school!!!
Check it out!!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Desert Dwellers Part 1

5JW song - PLEASE learn the rods for part 1 and part 2 of our class song for the summer show.

We are the dwellers of the desert, we’re the ones who know the sand,
It’s a simple and a good life, we’re the guardians of this land,
We take our camels out to graze beneath the fiery sky,
Waiting and praying as we watch the world go by.

This desert land of beauty with air so clear and clean,
Has stood the test of time and stands today calm and serene,
The gentle cry of falcons that drift across the sands
Bring history and heritage that we all understand.

We are the dwellers of the desert, we’re the ones who know the sand,
It’s a simple and a good life, we’re the guardians of this land,
We take our camels out to graze beneath the fiery sky,
Waiting and praying as we watch the world go by.

Our life is calm and peaceful just as our laws command,
We live in peace and harmony communing with our land.
We understand that nature, while our foe, is still our friend.
And so we live together and thank God for the all he sends.

We are the dwellers of the desert, we’re the ones who know the sand,
It’s a simple and a good life, we’re the guardians of this land,
We take our camels out to graze beneath the fiery sky,
Waiting and praying as we watch the world go by.

Desert Dwellers Part 2


This harsh and fiery desert gives a challenge we can win,
There’s loads of room for everyone so let the fun begin.
Lets bring in the investors the developers and dig
We’re going to make this flashy and we’re going to make this big

It’s got to be real shiny, with everything brand new.
It’s got to be the biggest and the flashiest that’s true
More roads, buildings, concrete, steel, more and more and more,
We’ll make this place a wonderland you’ve never seen before.


I don’t believe this was the plan our leader had for us
But now there is no going back all we can do is trust,
Trust that we can keep our lands so beautiful and clean
And hope some help from somewhere can help us to be seen.

Repeat 2 parts together.

We are the dwellers of the desert, we’re the ones who know the sand,
It’s a simple and a good life, we’re the guardians of this land,
We take our camels out to graze beneath the fiery sky,
Waiting and praying as we watch the world go by.

Class Chant

Please learn the words below for our class chant:











1 Playstation3 Nintendo Wii x 3

Air Con, Lights on
Air Con lights on

2 Ipod, playstation, Ipod wii
Ipod computer Ipod Mac.


4 DJ spinning guitar playing
DJ spinning guitar playing


6 Telephone cellphone telephone cell phone x2
Ring ring ring, ring ring ring.

King Of The Week ( Term 3, Week 7) is MATTHEW (finally!)

Congratulations Matthew.

Matthew is our new King of the Week. He has waited patiently all year for his name to be pulled out of the bag! Matthew is a great member of the class and we all had lots of lovely things to say to him and about him in class.

We think Matthew is:

  • enthusiastic
  • fun
  • funny
  • a great friend
  • a great team player
  • always consistent
  • good at football
  • is caring
  • is a good sportsman
  • is sporty
  • makes people laugh
  • has good manners
  • is a good runner
  • tries hard at evrything
  • is a great member of the class
  • is skillful
  • is polite
  • 'charges around' at breaktime and palys well
  • has a funny and infectious laugh (in a nice way!)
  • is good fun to be around
A great character and fantastic member of 5JW!
Well done Matthew

Add any other comments about Matthew to this post!


Today when we were doing our after school clubs (i was in the pool swimming in the school pool) when we saw loadz of black smoke. One of our swim coaches helping Lisa went and saw


So we all had to come out of the pool, grab our towels and head to the hall. Once we had arrived at the hall Mrs Watson explained that it was a fire coming from the building sight right beside the school. We all had to leave our bags at school and walk over to the sand on the opposite side of the school where the sandy carpark is. It got far too hot there so we had to go to the shade of the new shopping mall that is being built and it got far too hot there too because the wind was blowing the flames further towards us. So the teachers decided we would walk to the Jumeirah Beach Hotel from the school! As we were walking along we saw fire engines driving to put out the fire, after that it got a little bit cooler I was still hot because it was something like 40 degrees. It was a very long walk about a kilometre long but it was worth it.

I'm so glad that it wasn't the school that caught fire and that everyone that was in the school at that point is safe and protected! But I would never like to get envolved in a fire ever again!


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rose's Water cycle's link

This is on the simple science website on Water Cycles.

Take a look:

Its cool!!!

From Rose x

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kristi's news

My favourite sport is horse riding. I went riding last week on my fave horse called Fritz! He was such a good horse, he did exactly what I told him to do, he didn't race off like some of the other horses did and he didn't stop everytime he got tired or wanted to got to the toilet. We were trotting in circles and going down lines in partners. I was partners with a boy riding a shire horse calles Apatchi.My favourite part of last week was riding bare back (which is when you take the horse's saddle off and just ride on their bare back)!!!!!!!!! The good thing was we could do anything we wanted, my riding instructer Andrea said "I bagsy Kristi is going to canter bare back first"!!!!!!!!!!!!! And guess what........................... I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was the first person in the riding class to canter bare back! I love horse riding and I can't wait to ride bare back again!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Water aid

Check out this link:

Rose is excited!

Hi everyone I am really excited to go to Atlantis today and go down the LEAP OF FAITH!!

Its gonna be really fun and I know im gonna enjoy it!! :) :P :D

Im going with Francesca in 5KON and her friend Rebecca.
Cant wait till we go.

34 minutes till I go! countdown!

Rose xoxox :P :) :D

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I was so proud of you all and how brillaint your musical instruments are.

more to follow
photos to follow